We would like to welcome you all in ENDUROMANIA ,the 2 days enduro event that will take place at thevillage of Kastania, located 28km South East from Meteora and city of Kalambaka of Central Greece (please see map), during  of September every year. In this event, enduro riders from Greece and abroad will gather and enjoy an off-road weekend with many happenings.

Few words for the Organization

We started looking for enduro paths earlier this year even before the snow had melted. For every year we wanted to give a great variety of new paths never trailed before. Looking from a distance the Meteora Rocks and having in mind that this September our enduro event will be held, we did find new paths and trails in a virgin area with impressive landscapes and natural beauty.

We walked for miles, opened up new tracks and also cleared old forgotten paths from stones and dense vegetation, stepped for first time at mountain peaks where motorbikes had never reached before, in order to present to you a new ENDUROMANIA TOUR as you had never seen before.

So during this September , we will be riding on the mountain so four local area at an enduro event that has started many years ago and aiming to offer a great adventure tour, make enduro riders from Greece and abroad meet each other and share different opinions and try to promote the motor sport that we all love and serve as a way of life.

ENDUROMANIA Event is growing larger every year .

The Enduromania Team  are inviting all riders in an unforgettable 2-day enduro event.


Important Note:


The Cost and Charity

Riders can choose from riding both days (recommended) or riding any individual day of the event. The cost for one person to join this event will be as follows:

Both Days with your own bike = 180€/rider  (Include  2 Night accomodation )

For any individual day = 90 Euros.

First and Second Day Start and Finish locations

Both first and second day, will start from the football ground of the village of Kastania and will finish at the famous local Horse riding Chalet – Casa Di Calo, located 2 klm out of Kastania (Please see Local Map).


The Route and Pro/Hobby Passes

The route will have one circle every day with clear enduro characteristics and the majority of the route will have only paths. The route will be totally different each day.

The riders will also have the choice of Hobby or Pro passes at the most difficult parts based on their riding skill. Relevant Hobby and Pro signs will exist at these points. These passes will be also rated from 5 – 10, for better information to the riders (for example pass level: 8/10 will be difficult, pass level:10/10 will be very difficult etc.)

Gio Sala

Following the World Enduro Championship race that was held at city of Kalambaka the 2011 year and 2014, we was met again at the same paths and trails an old friend, GIO SALA (the six times World Enduro Champion)! The most well known and loved World Enduro rider of all times was  attending our event for both days at Enduromania 2013 event!!!




Enduromania Team

George, Chris, Sak Attak and Bill